Real-time GPS tracking devices
Tytan®SAT GPS tracking devices are designed to monitor, supervise and track vehicles, loads and objects in real time.
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Check which fuel level sensors (FLS) integrated with Tytan®SAT hardware fit your needs best. Also see other extras.
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TYTAN®SAT DS540 CAN/FMS/J1939/J1708 RS485, 1-WIRE
New #GPS #tracking_device #TytanSAT #DS540 multifunction inputs (analogue/d…
We are pleased to announce that Tytan®SAT hardware integration into Wialon tracking softwar…
On 20th May 2016 we celebrate 25 years on the vehicle security systems market!!
GPS vehicle tracking has never been so easy!

Feel welcome to know our new Tytan®SAT product series of GPS tracking devices - designed by people with passion, manufactured from high quality components to meet your expectations. Test our device, track your vehicle and if you are not completely satisfied, return the device within 30 days and you will receive a full hardware refund. Send order for demo units today to:

GPS tracking devices
Do not have a GPS platform? No problem!

Our Tytan®SAT GPS tracking devices are integrated with well-known Polish and international GPS tracking systems. Wialon, GPSGate, Tytan®SAT, Globtrak, GPS-server, Abbotrack and other. The choice is yours where you will track your vehicles.

GPS tracking platforms